Hens Sports Night

Hens Sports Night has become the University of Delaware’s #1 sports network available and open to all students. HSN provides its audience with a wide variety of sports coverage that includes: game footage, team and individual updates, game recaps, live interviews with UD’s finest athletes, and even stays current with outside sports news in the NFL, MLB, and other professional leagues.


As a part of HSN, crew members will learn how to interact with coaches and athletes from various sports, create and edit pre-produced packages using Final Cut Pro, conduct live interviews, write action-packed scripts, and of course all of the behind the scenes work in the studio. Producing, working the audio system, operating cameras, and setting up the stage for our bi-weekly live shows can be great experience for students pursuing a career in communications. Members also will have access to up to date equipment and a newly renovated television studio. NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! Sports fanatics of all levels are welcome, whether or not you avidly follow UD, professional sports, or even just have an interest in learning how our favorite networks like ESPN are conducted. All of the content is provided by our athletes – we simply capture it, enjoy the up-close exposure to D1, club and intramural athletics, and use a little creativity in presenting it to the UD community! Hens Sports Night: The campus wide leader in sports.

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