The Biweekly Show is a cross between “The Daily Show” and “Saturday Night Live,” combining topical desk jokes and live segments with prerecorded videos. Topics range from on campus issues to real world current events. The Biweekly Show airs LIVE every other Tuesday in front of a LIVE studio audience. Come on out, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may have some sort of mixed reaction between crying and laughing that can’t be explained in medical terms. Airs live on Tuesdays @ 10 pm in Pearson Hall! “Come for the laughter, stay for the love!”

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Executive Producers:
Carolyn Beatty
Maggie Tracy

Directed by:
Carolyn Beatty

Hosted by:
Shannon Poulsen

The Crew:
Amanda Stevenson
Carolyn Beatty
Cecilia Tefft
Janelle Bentley
Julian Jackson
Katie Wall
Kristina Magana
Maggie Tracy
Max Pinna
Meghan McKeon
Patricia Harrington
Russel Kogan
Shannon Poulsen
Tia Hill
Tom Blum